Pisky Trails

Cornish Pisky Pal’s Pisky Trails consists of around 30 small named piskies hiding. To take part in a Pisky Trail you need to buy a Pisky Trail for £2.50, from a designated local shop or our Cornish Pisky Pal stall. Your Pisky Trail guides you to the hidden piskies, each pisky has a label with their name on it. Write the name of the pisky on your Pisky Trail, when you’ve found all the piskies, the first letter of their names spell out a ‘mystery pisky phrase’.

Return your Pisky Trail to be entered into the prize draw, you could win your very own Cornish Pisky Pal, each returned Pisky Trail will be exchanged for a Cornish Pisky Pal sticker (one for each Pisky Trail).

Pisky Trails are primarily fun but have an educational aspect, encouraging reading and writing for a purpose, reinforcing numbers and letters as well as introducing an understanding and appreciation of our natural environment. Trails and treasure hunts are a long standing popular family activity and a Pisky Trail continues these features. A Pisky Trail also encourages exercise and enjoying our beautiful environment. We positively promote caring for our own (and the Cornish Pisky Pals) environment.

A Cornish Pisky Pal Pisky Trail creates a real buzz of excitement as children hunt for and find little piskies! It’s great value and families can easily spend an hour or two hunting for piskies.

Our Pisky Trails appeal to a wide age range and many people come back time and time again, each Pisky Trail is different with new pisky hiding places and a new ‘Mystery Pisky Phrase’.

What pisky trailers have told us…
“We did the pisky trail today. It was the perfect weather for a piskie hunt! ☀️ We had a really lovely afternoon down in Coverack. The trail was so much fun to do, we all loved it and it kept the children occupied for the whole walk. Perfect family afternoon”. 

Cornish Pisky Pals would like to thank all who supported us at our last event.

Upcoming Events:

Coverack Village, February Half Term Pisky Trail.
Thursday 14th February 10am start through until Saturday 2nd March 3pm finish.

A Pisky Trail costs £2.50 and the directions guide you around Coverack to find all the tiny hiding piskies and work out the Mystery Pisky phrase. It’s a great way to explore Coverack and appeals to a wide age range!

Cornish Pisky Pal® Pisky Trail at Roskilly’s Farm, St Keverne, Helston TR12 6NX.
Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th April.
Pisky Trails are available between 11 am – 3pm, and cost £2.50. Two types of Pisky Trails are available to guide you to the hiding piskies.
Come and have fun finding all the Cornish Pisky Pals hiding on the farm – new hiding places and new Mystery Pisky Phrase!
Receive a Cornish Pisky Pal sticker for each returned Pisky Trail and get entered into the prize draw.
Parking is free and dogs on leads are welcome.

Coverack Village Pisky trail
Wednesday 27th March daily until Tuesday 23rd April
Coverack Village Pisky Trails are available from The Old Mill Shop and Coverack Village Stores during usual opening hours (Also available from Pisky H.Q TR12 6SD).
It cost £2.50 for each Pisky Trail that will guide you to the hiding piskies, Follow the route and write down the names of the piskies you find (leave the piskies there for other people to find!), the first letter of their names will spell out a Mystery Pisky phrase.A Pisky Trail is a great way to explore Coverack and the route and phrase change each school holiday!
When you return your Pisky Trail you will receive a Pisky sticker and be entered into the prize draw for a chance to win a voucher that can be exchanged for your very own Cornish Pisky Pal.

Cornish Pisky Pals® invite you to join us for a creative workshop.

Workshops take place at Pisky H.Q. Trevothen, Coverack, Helston, Cornwall TR12 6SD
All materials and guidance are supplied to make your own Pisky Paradise.
Choose from a Pisky Cottage, a Pisky Pot or paint your own Pisky ornament.

Make a Pisky Pot workshop £10, paint your own Pisky ornament £12 or make a Pisky Cottage
Please contact us to arrange a workshop that lasts around 45 mins.

Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
Booking essential.

Please contact Caroline at Cornish Pisky Pals:

email: info@cornishpisky.co.uk ; phone 01326 281448 or
message us on Facebook or Instagram