Special Edition Piskies

Pip the Pirate Pisky.
Pip is the Cornish Pisky Pal’s own friendly Pirate. He has a patch over one eye and a peg leg. He has had a fascinating life and just loves adventures and telling the little Pisky Pals about them.  
You might think that Pip’s injuries where due to savage sword fights or massive gunshot wounds – Pip would like you to think that… but actually it has more to do with falling asleep in the wrong place!
Unusually for a pirate, Pip works hard to protect Coverack and warn the rest of the Cornish Pisky Pals of any danger. Pip is particularly good at predicting stormy weather, a very useful skill when you are so small and you live so close to the sea! Pip’s birthday is 28th September.


Graduation Pisky.
Perran with a graduation cap and scroll is a perfect present for graduates.