Meet the Pisky Pals

Perran celebrates his birthday on 5th March Perran is very proud of his Cornish roots. His birthday falls on St Piran’s Day. St Piran is the patron saint of miners and the flag of St Piran shows the white tin flowing through the black rock and is usually called the Cornish flag. Perran is a true Cornish Pisky and can usually be found wearing the Cornish colours of black and gold and frequently eating local Cornish specialities such as a Cornish pasty or a saffron bun.
Living on the Lizard Peninsula has meant that Perran has the opportunity to work with the rare but beautiful serpentine stone that is found here. Most of the serpentine is found at The Lizard but there are still a few secret places around Coverack where it can be found.

Perran sunning himself in Coverack

Izzy is short for Isabel and she was born on 8th May, this is also the date of Flora day in the nearest market town of Helston. A day when summer is welcomed and when adults, children and piskies all dance through the streets. At this time of year the woodlands are a carpet of bluebells and so Isabel was named after the bluebells. Despite being named after bluebells Izzys favourite flower is Lily of the Valley, this tiny white flower is also especially associated with Flora Day.
Izzy loves the woodland, from the springtime buds and catkins to the autumnal nuts, berries and crunchy leaves. She is usually found dressed in her favourite colours of purple and lilac.
On the far southwest of Cornwall there are not many big woods but there are ‘withey beds’ or ‘willow caers’ planted years ago by fisherman. The willow was grown and coppiced so that there was always new wood suitable for making lobster and crab pots. Izzy was taught by her father, who was taught by his father how to make a willow lobster or crab pot.  Izzy loves to use the willow to make flowers and butterflies – much easier to make than the complicated pots that the fishermen use.

Izzy feeling pleased to have found bluebells beside the sea in Coverack, Cornwall

Sam’s birthday is on 26th August. He works hard on the farm making sure that all the Cornish pisky pals have enough food. Farming is hard work and the other piskies all help out during the busiest times such as planting and especially during harvest time.
Sam can usually be found in the fields around Coverack but by wearing his favourite green colours he is very camouflaged and difficult to find. If you really want to find Sam try looking under buttercups. Sam finds that when he has been up very early milking and has had a busy day a little snooze under a buttercup is just what he needs!

Sam enjoying a well deserved rest under a buttercup in Coverack, Cornwall

Celebrates her birthday when the anemone season was in full swing on 24th November, the whole family work very hard gathering the flowers into large bunches that are brought into the house to be arranged into smaller bunches to sell to the local shops.  Katie associates her birthday with the house full of people working at the kitchen table, chatting happily as they bunch the anemones.  
Cornwall, and the Lizard Peninsula is famous for its mild climate and particularly the early spring flowers. Katie is very involved in the growing and harvesting of daffodils, violets, primroses and of course her very favourite anemones.
Katie’s favourite colour is that of the pink anemone and she can often be seen wearing a dress of that colour as she walks among the rows of anemones in the field near her house. When Katie isn’t working she loves to walk the coast paths around Coverack, if you ever see a clump of thrift in full flower take a closer look as there may be a small pisky admiring the view! 

Katie sitting amongst the thrift on Coverack Harbour, Cornwall

Yasmin loves the sea, she was born on 7th January and this day was particularly memorable in Coverack as the fishermen caught more bass than they had ever caught before. Yasmin has gone on to help her Dad fishing out of the tiny fishing harbour at Coverack. She catches a range of fish, mackerel, pollock and lobster but she is always particularly pleased when they have a good catch of bass. 
Yasmin loves to spend her time beach combing.  After an east wind she knows lots of interesting pieces of driftwood will have been washed up onto the beaches around Coverack, she makes all sorts of useful things out of her beach finds.
In the calm summer days Yasmin loves to collect seashells, especially precious to her is an unusual find on Coverack beach, a beautiful cowrie shell with three spots along its top, her Mum says that it will bring good luck! The blues of the sea are Yasmin’s favourite colours.

Yasmin enjoying Coverack beach, Cornwall

Sunny is a cheery pisky who loves beach combing and creating interesting things from the beach finds. Sunny pays particular attention to collecting plastic from the beach at every opportunity, recycling it whenever possible. Look carefully on the shore line if you are beach combing yourself as you could find a little pisky! Sunny’s Birthday is on the 30th April.

Sunny enjoying Coverack

Shanty loves everything about the sea and dresses in the green and blue colours of the sea. Shanty loves to surf and makes surf boards from cuttlefish washed up on the beaches in and around Coverack, Cornwall. When the seas are calm Shanty can often be found around the beaches and cliffs of Coverack just gazing out to sea, so watch where you step! Shanty is a tuneful pisky, and can be heard singing if you listen very carefully. Shanty was born on 7th June.

Shanty enjoying the sunshine on Coverack Harbour

Demelza works hard all day baking for her small shop where she sells special Cornish Pisky treats such as pasties, saffron buns, heavy cake and her homemade cream teas. During the evenings or at the weekends she loves to walk the cliff paths and enjoy the fragrant gorse – she particularly enjoys the views from high up places. Near Coverack there is a rock, known to the local fishermen as Elephant rock – from here Demelza has a fantastic view of Coverack bay – unfortunately it is tricky to get to Elephant Rock but with some help from some friendly birds, Demelza gets a lift and she gives the birds some tasty crumbs from her baking, in return. Demelza’s birthday is 13th August.

Demelza excited to find matching coloured flowers in Coverack, Cornwall.

Piran is named after the Cornish Saint, Saint Piran. Saint Piran is the patron saint of miners and the flag of Saint Piran is said to show the white tin flowing through the black rock and Piran wears the same white and black colours.
Piran’s Birthday is 14th December. Piran particularly likes the night sky and star gazing. Nothing makes him happier than seeing a shooting star on a calm summer’s evening.  In day light hours Piran is a keen gardener and designer of new gardens that he stocks from cuttings he’s nurtured from his favourite plants.

Piran enjoying life in Coverack, Cornwall.

Ailla name means most beautiful in Cornish, she dresses in white and her birthday is 3rd April. Ailla is a particularly caring Pisky and can often be found looking after poorly birds, animals and insects. If she can help out then she will. Ailla particularly enjoys bird watching and in any spare time she has she can be found watching the birds flit around. She has an ambition to fly but that is not so easy when you don’t have wings!

Ailla enjoying sunshine in Coverack, Cornwall.

Blush has a birthday that coincides with Valentine’s Day on February 14th. Blush is a particularly shy pisky and, as the name suggests, blushes easily. A tradition for each birthday is to count how many wild flowers are in flower, there are not that many wild flowers that flower in February but if you look very hard you will probably find some. If you look around the base of some wild flowers, particularly wild primroses, and you see something running off quickly or hear a tiny giggle then you have probably just found Blush or Kez!

Blush on Coverack beach

Kez was born 14th February. Kez is a loveable pisky and the name Kez is short for Kerenza, which is the Cornish word for love.
Kez loves to play a camouflage game, looking for red objects to hide beside. If you are going for a walk it is always worth looking near things that are red to see if you can find Kez hiding! If you find a group of red flowers, stones and leaves all together, it is a sure sign that Kez has been there – so look carefully! 

Kez in Coverack, Cornwall

Melyn is a colourful Pisky who is very fond of feeding and providing interesting habitats for the wild birds. It’s a particularly special moment when a Gold Crest can be spotted, they are such a firm favourite Melyn is dressed in the yellow, red and green that can be found on a Gold Crest. Melyn is Cornish for yellow, Melyn pisky has always been fascinated that her Granddad who has a farm has a field on it called Melyn! Melyn pisky was born on 3rd September.

Melyn hiding in Coverack, Cornwall

Koska named after the Cornish word for sleeping, so of course this Pisky has their eyes closed!  Dressed in soft, calm colours of pale lavender and blue, with a birthday on 1st November close to the time the clocks alter – falling back to give us all an extra hour in bed.

Kez taking a snooze in Coverack, Cornwall.

Gabbro is a bright coloured pisky who was born on 31st March, and named after a type of rock found on Coverack beach. Gabbro is a keen geologist and is interested in all the different rocks that can be found on the beach. A favourite pisky game is to stack the rocks into tall towers and see which one can stay standing the longest.

Gabbro on Coverack beach, Cornwall.

Pipkin was born on the 31st October and often has birthday celebrations that involve making lanterns from tiny pumpkins, obviously when you are as small as a pisky making a lantern from even a tiny pumpkin requires a lot of piskies to help! This love of pumpkins has influenced the colour of the clothes Pipkin wears that are as close to pumpkin colours as possible!

Loves living in Coverack, on the Lizard Peninsula that means there is the opportunity to work with the rare but beautiful serpentine stone that is found here. Most of the serpentine is found at The Lizard but there are still a few secret places around Coverack where it can be found and Serp knows where these are! Serp is dressed in a mixture of the green and red the colours of the serpentine rocks found on Coverack beach. Serp’s birthday is on 5th May.

Serp on Coverack beach, Cornwall, with some serpentine rocks.

Tine also loves the rare and beautiful serpentine stone found on Coverack beach and spends a lot of time with his great friend Serp collecting serpentine from Coverack beach to work it into beautiful objects much admired by all their pisky pals. Tine was born on 19th June.

Tine on Coverack beach, Cornwall, with some serpentine rocks.

Arnewi is a resourceful, resilient little pisky who loves to help others out. Arnewi was born on 18th July, that is a memorable day in Coverack as it once flooded badly on this date. Arnewi is the Cornish word for storm.

Arnewi keeping watch quietly over Coverack Bay, Cornwall.