Cornish Pisky Pals® is a small Cornish business run by sisters Caroline and Angela. Our gran used to tell us to “look out for piskies” when we were growing up in Coverack. Piskies (not to be confused with pixies!) are mythical and mischievous creatures from Cornish folklore . We decided we wanted to preserve pisky magic for future generations so in 2012 we started to create “Pisky Trails” – a fun, family activity where you follow clues to hunt for hiding piskies. The beginning of each pisky’s name spells out a mystery pisky phrase. Pisky trails are fun, educational and a great way to explore the outdoors and places you might not normally look.

“Absolutely fantastic way to spend the morning, excellent for all our children aged 13 months to 13 years, exceptional value for money…. will most certainly be making this a regular activity.”

We also individually hand make a range of pisky products, including our Cornish Pisky Pals. Piskies make great gifts and they all have their own characters and personalities. You can explore all our products in our online shop, including our children’s book based in Coverack.

Our Pisky HQ is the home of all things pisky, and you can book a workshop to make your own pisky paradise (choose from a pisky cottage or a pisky pot) or paint your own Pisky ornament (our unique resin design).

You can keep up to date with the pisky’s adventures and upcoming events on Facebook and Instagram.